Primary Schools Futsal League: Primary 6/U12 Boys fixtures released ahead of kickoff on July 1

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The Futsal Association Uganda ( FAU) has released Boys Primary Schools Futsal League fixtures for Primary 6/ U12 ahead of kickoff on July 1st.

Twinbrooks International School, White Angels Primary School, Rays of Grace Primary Schools, Teletubies Primary School and Crayon Preparatory School are the schools that will take part in inaugural league.

This league will played across three terms of school- with different age groups playing in different terms.

The Primary 6/ U12 will be played first in a round robin format and games will take place across three consecutive Saturdays in July 2023 starting from 1st -15th.

Each school will play eight games per term in the different age groups and the team that will win all three terms/age groups will be crowned overall champion.

This league is designed by Futsal Association Uganda (FAU) in a way that it offers a balanced program between futsal and education content.

The balance between sport and education will create awareness about the role of sports in putting forward topics such as fair play, healthy lifestyle (balance between body, mind, and soul), respect, the joy of effort, and the pursuit of excellence, which are all Olympic sport values.

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  • Thank you for Organization.
    How was these schools selected?
    What creteria is followed?
    How can one join the league in any form?

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