Q&A with your futsal star-Ndejje’s Vincent Abigaba

The world of footballers stems from small sided games, even with developing talent, futsal is at the helm of this. Many footballers in the country have and continue to bud from the futsal setting.

We look at the journey of yet another futsal star who formerly played Futsal with Parakeets Futsal Club and now playing at FUFA big league side- Ndejje University Football Club.

How did your football journey start?

My football journey started at an early age I got the passion to play football from my elder brothers whom I used to follow to go training at the Butabika Soccer Academy until later when I got introduced to the under 8 team.

How did you come to join futsal,which team and year?

I first played futsal in the first edition of the Uganda Cup. I played for Luzira Thunders in 2018, infact we won the trophy.

How long did you take to get playing time in futsal ?

Getting playing time in futsal was not so hard. I became a regular time player on the first day of the Uganda Cup tournament, since then I stayed a first team player and went on to captain my team to win the trophy.

For how long did you play in the futsal super league and how competitive was it then?

I played in the futsal league for one season with Parakeets Fc, and the league was so competitive. I remember we led the first round unbeaten for 8 games of the first round but by the end of the season we were third behind Yeak and Kabowa respectively.

What unique things did you learn playing futsal?

Futsal taught me to play in tight places of the pitch, quick thinking and decision making. High concentration too because any mistake in futsal is punishable.

How did you improve as a player?

I improved as a player through self assessment and setting goals. These helped me improve, feedback from coach Ben also pushed me to improve because I wanted to do better than the previous times I had played.

What do you think are the differences between futsal and normal soccer?

There are not so many differences. Maybe the rules of the game, the number of players on the pitch, because futsal is a five aside game. Maybe the other difference is the intensity because a player gets less time to rest in futsal because you are either defending or attacking unlike in soccer where a player can even walk on the pitch especially during set pieces but in futsal you are given 4 seconds to restart play.

Do you feel it’s important for players to consider playing futsal at a their infant stages of their careers?

It’s so important for players to consider playing futsal at an infant stage. It boots speed, concentration , quick decision and playing in tighter spaces which makes it easier if you get to playing in wider pitches. Futsal encourages hard work due to its intensity.

What’s your message to the current futsal players & young stars?

I would encourage players to fall in love with futsal. And be patient with the game, futsal is the next big thing and we have seen players being spotted from futsal to big clubs examples like Mike Mutyaba, Jamil Karisa, Sadiq Ssekyembe among others.

What are your career aspirations?

To play in the Startimes Uganda Premier league, represent my country with the national team which is I think is every player’s aspiration and to play professional football.

What do you think ahead of next season with Ndejje University FC?

I’m working so hard to secure first team football and get more playing time in the team unlike the previous season.

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