Pre-Match Reactions:Park hunt first victory, Synergy seek consistence

Park Futsal Club threw away a two goal advantage in their first game against Kisenyi to square all four at full-time and with that hanging over their shoulders, they will hunt for nothing less than a win on Match day 2.

Park Futsal Club Head Coach Ssegawa James believes complacency was the stick that hit them in their opener and there won’t be room for it against their next opponent Synergy.

“Teams are more/better prepared this season with good levels of organization overall” Ssegawa stated.

“We faced worthy opponents and also laid our guard down in the second half with a comfortable lead which laid foundation for complacency hence the results, this was rather a good lesson for us, same won’t happen again on our watch as we’ve since prepared intensively, Synergy FC, our next opponents are new to our radar and we hope to better them on match-day 2” he added

Speaking to the FAU website, Synergy Head Coach Brian Ssengendo expressed some satisfaction about how his team played on day one but stretched the need to improve tactically across the playing field;

“Game day one was a big experience for us since it was our first time playing futsal, we won the game 4-3 against a team which has been playing this game for quite some time with vast experience but we managed to come out victors in a game which seemed tough but we picked a lot of positives going into the next game.”

“Going into match day two, we noticed that Futsal is a game of tactics, we just have to work on our tactical approach, improve on our defense and how to score more goals.”

About the next opponent.

Park FC being our next opponent, it’s a huge task ahead of us, park is a good team with experienced players but our mission is to maintain the Winning start. We have prepared enough for this game and we’re ready to get three points from it.

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