Pre-Match Reactions:Can Aidenal regain some footing against Big Talent

Aidenal SOSA were off to a sluggish start scoring the least number of goals(3) alongside Kabowa on Match day 1.

The side shall hope to recall on some spirit of past Futsal Super league experience as they tussle with Big Talent Soccer Academy who scored for fan in their opener. Whilst sitting last on the Albert Nile log, we ask about what to expect from them on day 2.

We thank the futsal staff for all good preparations, as Aidenal we learnt to play high intensity games and not putting laws of foul in our minds because we played in fear of it.

“ Players have to play in a normal game with free minds and focused, since we saw them playing we need to use there mistakes to punish them and to use our best playing system to help us win..” – Aidenal SOSA Head Coach Kaweesa James

Without taking anything for granted, Big Talent Soccer Academy can simply build up from a surprisingly high level performance against an opponent that seemed to struggle on both sides of the court according to Head Coach Sembatya Mohammed.

Picks from Match day 1.

Big Talent Soccer Academy players celebrating a goal against Kampala Junior Team in Match day 1.

Although we had a convincing win on match day 1 against KJT, we still think it was just a lesson as debutants. We were not very familiar with the rules of the game and got a chance to learn new things. This is was very important for us.

Preparations coming into match day 2.

Match day 2 will be a bigger and better one for us. We now have clear rules of the game and learning points for the boys. Just expect a better game in match day 2.

About the next opponents- Aidenal.

We respect every opponent we face, but we don’t fear challenges. Like our name “Big Talent” it is within us to exhibit the talent in a game we know better. The boys are geared up for the next game.
As always it all about the next game, not what we managed to do in the previous game.

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