Park FC to guard against complacency

Park Futsal Club will not play with smugness especially against the new teams as they charge forward to the return of the Futsal Super League after over a year of missing action.

Park were unbeaten last season and seek to use the same but revised template in the 2021 season.

Giving an insight into the club’s preparations and season expectations, we capture;

Season Target.

Our traget is always to win the league. Park FC makes history every time it sets out. You just need to watch.

Squad Updates and Pre-season preparations.

We scouted for better talent and made a few changes to our coaching staff. We kept the boys busy with a pre season tournament.

We believe we the boys fitness is where it needs to be as this is a high intensity sport and their minds are sharp.

Potential Title challengers.

We always see one competitor and that’s ourselves. Remember last season we were unbeaten. But we are anxious to take on the new comers.

Return of the game.

The return of futsal means the return of entertainment, a goals gallore

The team which shall continue to be skippered by Iddi Babu will face off against Synergy, Kisenyi and Kabowa in the Victoria Nile group.

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