Media Watch: FAU to use schools to spread Futsal wings


The Futsal Association of Uganda, the main body that runs the sport in the country, recently became full members of FUFA

The association’s Chairman Hamza Jjunju believes that was a big stride leaped by the indoor sport that is just five years old in the country but also acknowledges that that comes with more responsibilities.

FAU, now being a national association, has to match that by spreading the sport throughout the Eight FUFA regions. Jjunju believes that the best way to start this journey is through schools.

“We recently became full affiliate members of FUFA and that comes with more responsibilities; now,” The Futsal boss, Jjunju says, “We have to make sure that futsal becomes a national sport and spreads throughout. That means Futsal should be spread to the whole country and all levels. We are looking at starting the programme with schools – Primary, secondary and tertiary- and played by both genders – male and females.”

FAU, according to the Chairman, has already initiated the process by meeting and discussing with the Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA) and are looking forward to launch the first edition next year.

“We are in touch with USSSA, the body that runs the school competitions to accommodate this game to be part of its calendar. We are pushing for that to see that we finalize this by the end of the year such that we can have competitions running next calendar year,” Jjunju added in a lengthy interview with Peppersport’s Kickoff magazine.

Futsal was first played as a competition in 2015 with a three-team corporate gala involving NBS TV, Fufa staff and eventual winners Wazee FC at Lugogo Arena.

During the same year, FAU organized the Inter-university challenge that was won by Makerere Business School. The association went further to organise the first league games in 2016 with a dozen teams taking part in the mini-league. The league was increased to fourteen the next year as the first knockout tournament – Futsal Uganda Cup was also launched.

By Fred Mwambu (Red Pepper)

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