Kisenyi, Kabowa seek to correct Match day 1 errors against

After struggling to collect a point against Park having had to rally from behind, Kisenyi Futsal Club seek to correct the errors they committed in Match day 1.

Kisenyi Futsal Club players celebrate a goal against Park FC

Reacting about Match day 1, Head coach Kisenyi Futsal Club Suleiman Sekanyo expressed that, “ My team made a lot of defense errors and players were not coordinating since we never got enough time to train as team players used to train individually”

Lessons from Match day 1

“It showed me the weakness in my team so am trying my best to see that we improve by the time we reach the second game we shall be better than we were”

About next game against Yeak Kabowa

“I can’t undermine them since they lost their first game because I know they will bounce back when they have corrected their mistakes too they made but this won’t stop us from getting three points from them because will also want a win to move to 4 points so I can’t say that it will be simple game for both of us”

Kisenyi sit third on the Victoria Nile log head on with Park at the same point whilst their next opponents Yeak lay last.

Kabowa Head coach-Farouk Makumbi, thinks there’s need to do more home work on their opponents coming into games especially the coming fixture.

“We have to do more homework as KABOWA for the next game because all the opponents are well organized basically and surprisingly the debutantes. Game one wasn’t easy by our side but that is a game of Football and is a sport of mistakes so it’s all about the way you do your collection we gonna fill the buttons for the next game.

“KISENYI FC are the next opponents. It’s a very tricky team because they are Veterans and made a surprise draw against PARK-one of the outstanding team in the League. We have been watching and monitoring them so we are waiting for the Dday” he added

Kabowa are bottom of the Victoria Nile after being the only team that lost in the group on Match day 1.

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