KCCA’S KATO SAMUEL:Q&A session with the former Futsal Star

Your car is a big talker, but you can’t hear the conversation.

The chatter takes place between the vehicle and all of its computerized parts. Sure, we’re behind the wheel (for now), but the car oversees a dizzying number of operations — like so is the journey of Kampala Capital City Authority Fc’s utility defender Kato Samuel Nemeyimana.

A young defender who’s actual football career was enlightened by his decision to play Futsal early in 2017. The player spilled to us the roller coaster ride that has seen him a top Uganda Premier player in a Question and Answer session with us.

How did your football journey begin?

My football journey started in Primary where I was at Excel Academy, Super Heroes and some organization called Chrisc Uganda.

How did you come to join futsal?

Joining Futsal was when I was still at Buddo SS, assisted by our games master, he connected with a futsal official who was then the team manager of Typhoons Futsal Club. Me and a colleague called Kafumbe Massudi were chosen to play in the futsal league at MTN Arena Lugogo. By then we were still Senior Five students in 2017.

How long did it take you to get meaningful playing time?

We got playing time as soon as immediately because we were regarded as ‘PRO’ players and we lifted the team within a short time.

For how long did you play in the Futsal Super League?

Two years. We started in 2017 before the tournament was shifted to Kisenyi in Mengo in 2018. Futsal is a very competitive game.

What unique things did you learn while playing futsal?

Futsal makes you quick. You are required to think and decide fast. You learn how to communicate with teammates.

It gave me confidence because I got to the ball more often. The pitch is a small one, 4 against 4 so it helped me to get quality attributes on the ball.

What did you win or any accolades you collected?

I won so many Man of the Match accolades though we were being given Pizzas then. I also won a trophy but I hope the MOM gifts are better now.

Who was the best player you ever faced or played with during your futsal times?

Mike Mutyaba was the best player I played with. Credit to Coach Sebunya Hakim for the tactics and solutions.

What are the differences between futsal and normal soccer in your opinion?

Obviously the difference is there, interms of the time played and the number of players on the pitch. But the difference is that futsal teaches more things, thinking fast, better movements off the ball because the time is very limited.

Do you think it’s important for players to consider playing futsal?

It’s important because you learn more from it. Even in Europe the likes of Neymar, Xavi and Iniesta have played the game. Futsal allows for better individual development of players- Passing and controlling techniques.

And I wish more effort is invested in the Futsal League like how it was in 2018, I think there could be identification of better players like me.

What’s your message to the futsal players & young stars?

I ask you to work harder and together. Futsal is a good platform but have a vision not to play too long in futsal. There should be an aim to play in mainstream football. Young stars ought to be disciplined and trusting in God. Futsal is a good journey that can mold you into a good professional player.

What are your career aspirations?

I want to play professional football in Europe or North Africa if possible. To be professional and also feature for the national team.

What do you think ahead of next season with KCCA?

Ahhh, I think if we work hard as a team, we shall emerge as League champions and also take the team to the group stages of the CAF confederations Cup. Also scoring a goal(s) for KCCA.

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