IKABS signs deal with FAU to sponsor Futsal Super League

Leading non-alcoholic beverages manufacturing company IKABS Bio Innovations through their flagship brand Aqua Bliss have joined the FAU sponsorship list for the 2022/23 Futsal Super League.

This was made official on Friday after the two parties finalized all agreements.

“We all love sports! and would definitely love to support young people achieve their dreams as we promote our company products too.” IKABS Managing Director Kabiito Elijah briefly noted.

“A sports person needs to consume half a liter of water for every 30 minutes of working.” Futsal Super League competitions director Ben Mwesigwa noted in his remarks.

“We are grateful to Aqua Bliss for supplying the Futsal Super League with water. It’s a good gesture to show that they are thinking about the well-being of the Futsal Super League players and match officials.

“Water is an essential requirement in sports because a well hydrated sports person is able to perform better and avoid muscle cramps.

“We are also happy that they are providing us with water for matches and training. Water is a huge cost to futsal clubs so getting Aqua Bliss water will help futsal clubs to free up resources that would have been used on buying water.” He concluded

IKABS now becomes FSL official water partner and will provide all participating teams and their officials with free water on all match-days.

The 2022/23 Futsal Super League kicked-off today Saturday 17th, June 2023 at O’Kla Futsal Arena in Old Kampala. Only six teams, who fulfilled all the minimum requirements set by FAU are participating in this year’s championship.

About IKABS Bio Innovations

Ikabs Bio Innovations is a Ugandan based non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing company that has developed a line of natural/organic beverage formulas derived for distribution in East Africa, with eventual international expansion.

They manufacture natural fruit and vegetable juices such as:- Sorrel pineapple flavored Hibiscus Juice, Sorrel Lemon flavored Hibiscus Juice, Sorrel apple flavored Hibiscus juice and Aqua Bliss drinking water .

Their offices are in Kira-Buwaate 2, along Buwate road just after Total Fuel Station.

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    I really love this since it’s about discovering young talents and help them achieve their dreams.

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    It’s promising

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