Futsal Super League: Match-day 2 Report

In a country like ours, not so many times we start off reports on a note that is not about results, but momentarily, I am inclined to think about what could have transpired in the mind of an ordinary Futsal fan in a country where many can’t find any diction around what Futsal is, even by mere guess work.

Mengo Futsal Club Head Coach Bruhan Ismail

This time round, not about who scored what goal, who is top of which group or which talent has been mesmerizing for now, but rather seeing some balls kicked on a standard Futsal floor. In some places around, ‘we could be popping champagne’. In a Post-match interview, Mengo Futsal Club Head Coach Bruhan Ismail couldn’t express it better, I borrow his verbatim, “We are glad to be playing on a standard surface, of course we struggled but bearing in mind that there’s less risk of getting unwarranted injuries, and that this is where we have to play from, we quickly adjust and were comfortable”.

The ambiance around the Old Kampala Futsal Court asserted nothing less than a bold statement on the direction the game is taking or perhaps took some time ago. They say a stitch in time, saves nine, well, this approximately 2000 seater Arena or even more, saves 10- including the fan.

I vehemently thought, being privy to what goes on around a country like ours, where even having chicken for a meal is still celebrated, where we innately think we just can’t do certain things by ourselves, the least I could do is to preamble with the static optics before what happened.

Tailoring in what we enjoyed, Match day 2 buzzed off with two sides that both sought for a first win. Kabowa took a three goal caution into the first half led by a brace by Abdul Swaburu Mugenyi only for Kisenyi to reciprocate their Match Day 1 second half spirit to rain three, winning 4-3 courtesy of some schoolboy errors by the Kabowa goal keeper and a brace from Avemah Shafic.

Aidenal SOSA saw themselves left with no one to blame except them after throwing away a two goal lead. Kalanzi David and Kavuma Marvin gave the Entebbe based side the lead before Big Talent pulled one back at close of halftime. A brace from Wabyoona Faisal ensured that the side registered their second successive victory.

Mengo Futsal Club shortly followed up to join Big Talent as the only two teams with a perfect start to the Futsal League. Inspired with singles from Muwonge Najibu, Mayanja Saidi and Kafumbe, they didn’t have to do much to triumph over Kampala Junior Team who have so far lost two straight games.

Park Futsal Club continue to struggle with their Achilles heel- game management, conceding 5 after settling in early with two goals by the first quarter against Synergy who were seeking to spin off a second consecutive victory. Braces from Junior Abbas and Mutyaba Travis secured a point for both teams respectively in a ten goal scrimmage.

Futsal Super League current table standings after Match day 2

Mengo Futsal Club and Big Talent Soccer Academy lead the Albert Nile group each tied at six points but the later with an inferior goal difference whilst Kisenyi and Synergy take lead in the Victoria Nile group each with four points gathered after Match day 2.

Futsal Super League list of Top Scorers

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