FSL Round 2: Kabowa seek to forget their humble start

Despite winning their third game against Park, Kabowa believe they have a lot of improvements to show in the second round of games.

The side were surprise victors over Park on Match day 3 and hope to sink a bigger message away from their off the pitch distractions that saw them to a humble start to this year’s Futsal Super League edition.

Their Head Coach-Makumbi Farouk couldn’t state anything less ahead of Round 2.

“I thank the FAU League committee for the wonderful organization. The fact is that the first round has been not so easy as it was expected basically by our side, we have got so many questions to answer from our opponents mostly the debutants and that made our team loose the first two games but we thank Allah that we caught up at our last game against Park FC”

“We have so many challenges on and off the pitch but we are already back at the drawing board because we respect all our opponents”- Kabowa Head Coach Farouk Makumbi

Kabowa Head Coach Makumbi Farouk

About the squad’s current shape.

The boys are well prepared and fully fit for the next round though we have some suspension problem from our playmaker Mawejje Jovan who got the matching orders in our last game against Park FC, but we have found a replacement so we don’t mind about that. Many players have been outstanding but Mutyaba Travis(Synergy), Mwebe Henry and, Willy Ssevume of Big Talent stand out.

About the Second Round.

“We are working days and nights to bring our team back in a very good shape so we are expecting our team to lead the victory.”- Makumbi added

The side will rally again as they take on group leaders Synergy Futsal Club who subjected them to their first defeat on Match day 1.

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