FAU officially rolls out 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Futsal Association Uganda today Friday, 10th September, 2021 officially launched it’s four year Strategic plan. 

The administrative document themed “The game changer” is both a new document and an amendment to FAU’s previous strategic plan that was meant to run until 2022. 

Speaking at the launch, FAU Chairman Hamza Jjunju expressed his delight upon reaching this milestone and further expounded on what this means to the game.

“We are glad and I personally I am glad that we have reached another milestone as FAU to launch what we call the game changer or the practical road map to achieve the targets we’ve set to achieve. To the CEO and FUFA, this was a work of all members, it has taken us time I think around a minimum of 6 months to agree on the well stipulated tasks ahead of us. And to assure you, we were in touch with the federation, as truly we participated and contributed to the new strategic plan FUFA launched out at the assembly”- said Jjunju

“Our tasks are well laid out and it calls for our competence and support from all stakeholders, internal and external and with the good working relationship we have exhibited along , we believe we shall be able to work with them and make sure we achieve what we have set out to achieve”

“As FAU, our tasks in line with FUFA are simple, focus on the priorities, play well with our finances and then we believe we shall achieve”

“We are lucky as FAU as a new association and have had a chance to look at what other sporting associations have done. We are among the few associations that have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of a number of associations and we don’t take lessons for granted”

“Our commitment now for the next four years is to push Futsal at domestic and grassroot  level. As well laid out we have the league but now we are going down strongly to make sure Futsal is played in schools and at community levels. The youth, we are already working with Uganda Youth Football Association to make sure we launch off Futsal in those age brackets. We are well versed that by 2025 we shall have achieved a lot in fulfilling the game changer” 

FUFA CEO Governance Sam Bakiika added to the voice acknowledging the step taken by FAU to grow internally and also serve the bigger picture of FUFA.

“Organizations that plan and follow there plans are the ones that succeed, I am very happy that FAU has set out to have a plan. The plans are not the end in itself because we have the goals and objectives. We have to assess ourselves at the end on how we have performed on the objectives. I believe this is a first step in the right direction, we shall be able to see progress within the next four years when look back”

The FAU 2021-2025 Strategic Plan is meant to help FAU improve its internal practices in principles of strategic management and also aggregate resources and steer growth in areas around Governance, Financial sustainability, Women in Futsal, Competitions, Facilities, Marketing and National teams. 

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  1. Wow Cong’s that’s a mile stone for the sport to have a strategic plan.
    Hope soon we gonna see our flag going international.

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