FAU input in Uganda’s football 2021-2025 working document

Futsal Association Uganda contributed to developing a road map & agenda for Ugandan football for the next five years.

The FUFA Retreat 2021 staged to develop a working document for the Future of Ugandan football (2021-25) centered on presentations & discussions focusing on; Governance, Football the Sport, Football the Business, Hardware (Equipment & Infrastructure), Peopleware (Stakeholders).

In a retreat officially summoned by the Federation of Uganda Football Associations(FUFA) and chaired by its President Moses Magogo, FAU presented its key areas of success in the previous works but also highlighted where the numerous challenges lie for the growing sport- Futsal.

FAU Chairman Hamza Junju presented on behalf of FUFA’s youngest member Association elaborating on areas of;

Qualitative & Quantitative status of Futsal 2015 & 2021, causes of the change in status, current challenges of Futsal in Uganda, Futsal Position 2025 and recommended solutions for the desired 2025 position.

FAU Chairman Junju Hamza presenting Futsal’s case at the retreat

Some the causes of the change in Status presented included, FUFA Support, FAU Administrators Sports administration training by Uganda Olympic Committee, FAU admission to FUFA assembly, Introduction of club licensing tool to Futsal super league clubs, absence of Prize money for Futsal Competitions, Limited Futsal approved facilities in the country, the falling financial economy, Covid effect on FAU activities, limited Futsal representation at FUFA policy table and failure to attract FIFA funding and support to competitions’ growth.

FUFA President Moses Magogo addressing the retreat

Current Challenges of Futsal In Uganda among others.
• Absence of international approved Futsal facilities in the country
• Financial Challenges
• Absence Futsal customized Capacity building Programs
• Absence of Futsal trained Coaches and instructors
• No clear guidelines linking FAU to FUFA Regions
• Absence of Futsal equipment on the market
• No Futsal-football player transfer regulation

The purpose for the Garuga retreat was to develop a working document for Uganda’s football for the next five years for which Futsal is an integral part.

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