FAU, AFRIPads out for a Corporate Social drive

As part of the key endeavors done in May-a menstruation awareness month, FAU in partnership with Afripads Uganda extended reusable sanitary pads to women in Kitebi Market and girl students at Kabowa High School.

A section of Women at Kitebi Market after receiving their Pads.

The AFRIPads are affordable, can be purchased once every year since they are tagged with a usable period as long as 12 months. This fits within the shrinking incomes, and permits some saving during such Covid19 times.

FAU leaders pose for a photo session with the girls at Kabowa High School.

FAU, led by its Chairman Hamzah Jjunju utilized this opportinity to introduce Futsal to the girls at Kabowa High simultaneously sensitizing them on how to use these reusable pads.

FAU Chairman Jjunju Hamzah addressing a section of girl students at Kabowa High School.

“Kabowa High School is made up of young girls interested in taking part in a variety of sporting activities hence we extended a hand to these young girls to make it easy for them to enjoy sports even during the menstrual days”- said the FAU Chairman

This is part of the annual Corporate Social Investment Acts the Futsal Association does in order to attract people towards sport and futsal in particular.

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