Aidenal eager to close season on a good note

Aidenal Sosa are hoping to finalize the Futsal Super league season with a victory that could land them a fifth finish on the final log standings.

Aidenal Sosa had picked momentum in the second round of the season but couldn’t do enough to go past finalist Big Talent Soccer Academy at the quarterfinals but nevertheless are confident on downing Kampala Junior Team to seal a top five position.

“We as Aidenal soccer academy (SOSA) are so happy for the great performance of our boys in all the past games. And we are really so happy for the resuming of the league, we are super ready for tomorrow’s game as we facing stubborn kampala junior team”- Aidenal Head Coach Kaweesi James

Aidenal Sosa Head Coach Kaweesi James

About the lockdown effect

“With the lock down to us it will be no issue because boys are ready to fight for the win to keep respect of the team as we ending up the league”

About the final game

“We are glad that we are completing the league sportingly, thanks to FAU. We have managed to keep our players in good shape courtesy of the support from the management. However much we are playing against a stubborn team in KJT with the current league top scorer-Billy Nkata, I believe we are ready for the task to win our last game, gladly we had gathered some form previously with won 4 in 7 games, we hope to use it also as a preparation for the Futsal Uganda Cup. We need victory tomorrow and hopefully we shall do what it takes to have it”

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